Crow Inquisitors

2: On The Road

2: On The Road
Crow Inquisitors
2: On The Road

This is Crow Inquisitors, an actual play RPG podcast using the Burning Wheel rules about exonerated criminals doing the dirty work of a corrupt church.

Special bonus art this episode of Antonius' sheet denoting Alfons' one-sided conversations

Opening (0:00)
Rules Explanation - BITs and Cultural Traits (0:55)
Addendum (3:50)
Actual Play, BITs and Part One (4:43)
Lore Dump - The Religion of Ceran (40:28)
Lore Dump - The Varudians (42:38)
Actual Play, Part Two (44:31)
Rules Explanation - Wounds (1:11:04)
Actual Play, Part Three (1:14:58)
Rules Explanation - Beliefs, Instincts, and Traits (2:03:53)
Actual Play, BITs (2:04:46)
Conclusion (2:14:47)

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