Crow Inquisitors

3: Hunting For Heretics

3: Hunting For Heretics
Crow Inquisitors
3: Hunting For Heretics

This is Crow Inquisitors, an actual play RPG podcast using the Burning Wheel rules about exonerated criminals doing the dirty work of a corrupt church.

Map of the town of Estol, originally illustrated for Wayfinder magazine. Licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA creative commons license

0:00 Opening
0:55 Lore Dump/Rules Explanation - Faith
3:16 Addendum
4:10 Actual Play, BITs and Part One
26:46 Lore Dump - The Town of Estol
28:42 Actual Play, Part Two
1:07:44 Rules Explanation - Shades
1:10:09 Actual Play, Part Three
1:28:38 Rules Explanation - Learning New Skills and Linked Tests
1:32:00 Actual Play, Part Four
2:17:59 Actual Play, BITs
2:30:00 Conclusion

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