Crow Inquisitors

9: Ritual

9: Ritual
Crow Inquisitors
9: Ritual

This is Crow Inquisitors, an actual play RPG podcast using the Burning Wheel rules about exonerated criminals doing the dirty work of a corrupt church.

00:00 Opening
00:54 Addendum on Combat
01:49 Rules Explanation - Weapon Damage
04:34 Actual Play, BITS
09:54 Actual Play, Part One
42:50 Rules Goof - Interrogation/Torture and Call-On Traits
44:51 Actual Play, Part Two
1:12:09 Rules Explanation - Astrology
1:14:07 Actual Play, Part Three
1:55:29 Rules Explanation - Trait Vote
1:57:12 Actual Play, BITS and Trait Vote
2:10:39 Conclusion

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